What is Redlining?

In 1964, the Pratt Area Community Council (now IMPACCT Brooklyn) was born out of a need to combat the disinvestment plaguing specific neighborhoods, a consequence of decades of Redlining.

Redlining, a discriminatory practice originating in the 1930s, systematically denied financial support—such as mortgages or insurance—to neighborhoods deemed financially risky. Factors like racial composition, immigrant presence, and housing age were used to categorize areas, perpetuating segregation and economic disparities. In Brooklyn, redlining profoundly impacted communities, shaping their trajectory from disinvestment to gentrification.

IMPACCT Brooklyn stands as a beacon of change against the legacy of redlining. From combating disinvestment to promoting equity, we’re dedicated to building a vibrant, inclusive community. By addressing income inequality, advocating for racial equity, and ensuring affordable housing, we continue the fight for justice, recognizing the profound impact of redlining on Brooklyn’s neighborhoods.

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