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How Affordable Housing Helps Developers

As real estate prices skyrocket, working people, from teachers to shop owners, find themselves priced out of decent housing. We specialize in the administration, including processing applications, managing compliance and conducting marketing & outreach to the income-eligible, qualified, target populations to fully lease-up affordable housing set asides. The IMPACCT Brooklyn team brings over 20+ years of combined experience as affordable housing lottery administrators and inclusionary marketing agents.

We do what it takes. Whether building supportive or senior housing to provide quality homes to our city’s vulnerable populations or brokering private/public partnerships to save existing housing, IMPACCT Brooklyn has expanded affordable housing options allowing low and moderate income working families to remain a vital part of the vibrant Brooklyn community.

Frequently asked questions about affordable housing for developers

Some of our recent successes with our developers have been:

  • Co-development – Jay St Firehouse, 40 Vanderbilt (Navy Green)
  • Housing lottery administration – #1 Flatbush, Athena Apartments
  • Elizabeth Grant Apartments
  • 282 St. James & 288 St. James
  • Gibb Mansion
  • 29 Brevoort Place

We are:

  • Non-profit developers/co-developers
  • NYC Housing Lottery Administrators
  • NYC Inclusionary Marketing Agents
  • Experienced Affordable Housing compliance monitors
  • Strong Community Liaisons & Brokers of Public/Private Partnerships

Looking to partner

Real Estate and Community – We have collaborated with several for-profit developers & architectural firms and forged significant community linkages & partnerships, including with local churches to build new housing on property they want to develop.

Housing Lottery Marketing & Inclusionary Agent

Over the past 20+ years we have successfully worked with developers to identify and market affordable units within new developments here in Brooklyn.

Affordable & Supportive Housing Development

Started construction on 811 Lexington Ave bringing 63 affordable senior housing units to Brooklyn. Currently closing on 778 Myrtle Ave, bringing as additional 59 supportive housing units, starting construction in 2022. 

Gibb Mansion Residence

IMPACCT Brooklyn develops, owns and operates supportive housing, extending permanent affordable housing with counseling and other programs and services to improve the well-being of vulnerable and/or individuals exiting homelessness. We currently provide direct supportive housing services at our Gibb Mansion Residence, a 71-unit facility housing chronically ill and low income individuals. We provide responsive and compassionate care to the residents who call it home. On staff are social workers, case workers, a resident manager, a chef and kitchen assistant, a substance abuse specialist and an activities coordinator. Residents receive benefit from weekly one on counseling and case managers and social workers are always available to help residents with healthcare issues, money management, and necessary advocacy and referrals. Gibb Mansion is always bustling with activity. Residents share five fresh, hot meals per week, and the activities coordinator keeps the schedule full of classes, outings, parties and Community events. The Community at Gibb Mansion is thriving as staff and residents work together and are civically engaged in their community, creating a positive, healthy and empowering environment that facilitates healing and wellness.

Navy Green

IMPACCT Brooklyn’s second supportive housing residence is the Navy Green – a 98-unit permanent supportive housing building that forms part of a large-scale, mixed-income residential complex containing 458 units of mixed income housing, open green space, retail facility and community space. Our supportive building is comprised of studio apartments for 59 single adults that are living with chronic illness or other persistent conditions. The remaining 38 units serve low- income community residents. The building is staffed with an on-site superintendent and 24/7 security service. Social services are offered to all residents by Brooklyn Community Housing and Services. 

Supportive Housing is a growth area for IMPACCT Brooklyn as we work diligently towards the completion of multiple projects that will provide both supportive and senior housing to the communities of Central Brooklyn.

Housing Impact

Over the span of 50+ years, IMPACCT Brooklyn has developed & preserved the affordability of income-targeted housing creating stable, sustainable resident communities in Central Brooklyn.

With our eyes focused on the long-term affordability of our developments, IMPACCT Brooklyn helped to found the JOE NYC, a joint ownership entity designed to help its members secure the long-term viability of its non profit run affordable housing.

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“IMPACCT’s program gave me a bit of foresight about what to expect and what to prepare. Without that, it would have been a bit more tenuous because I was going through the homebuying process for the first time.”
Duane Cornish