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The home buying process can be challenging. We can help you get ready to qualify for a loan or get financial assistance.

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Homeowner Services

Help Residents & Stabilizing Neighborhoods

IMPACCT Brooklyn plays a critical role in neighborhood stability in the face of rising home prices. Through our financial counseling and support services, we help residents stay in their homes and the communities they grew up in.

Financial Literacy

Making a Meaningful Difference in People’s Lives

IMPACCT Brooklyn provides workshops and coaching to help more Brooklyn residents understand and take ownership of their finances so they can make better financial choices, and build and maintain the communities they live in.

Housing Development

Creating Affordable Housing Options

IMPACCT Brooklyn takes every opportunity to renovate, develop, and market livable homes for working class families. With gentrification sweeping through Brooklyn, our efforts are more important than ever as rising housing costs force residents out of their homes.

Community Organizing

Organizing and Empowering Citizens

When tenants face housing issues, we help to educate and empower them so they can hold landlords accountable. Over the decades, we have brought thousands of people together to improve their homes and their communities.

Economic Development

Building a Business Base

We believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of communities, especially when run by residents of the neighborhood who cater to local needs and keep money in the community. We provide comprehensive services to help those business owners get started and thrive.

Social Services

Giving People a Home and a Hand Up

Because living below the poverty line impacts every aspect of a person’s life, IMPACCT Brooklyn provides social services along with housing for formerly homeless people, giving them the break they need to regroup and get back on track with their lives.

Lead Abatement

Making Buildings Safer

Lead poisoning is a real danger to many lower-income families living in older buildings. IMPACCT Brooklyn is proactive in remedying lead exposure through lead testing, training for maintenance personnel, and financial incentives for landlords.

Affordable Housing Marketing

Promoting Affordable Housing

As experienced marketing agents for affordable housing, we help developers market their affordable housing units and streamline the process by connecting them with qualified candidates.