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Passionate about helping our community

As you know, for the past 56 years IMPACCT Brooklyn has been a cornerstone in the communities we serve. Affordable housing, small businesses, and homeownership are just some of the issues we address as part of our mission. Circumstances are dire and we must ensure that we remain in a position to continue providing the critical services our communities and residents so desperately need. The stability of the organization and the dedication of our staff and board have allowed us to establish quality programs and services our constituents have come to rely upon.

IMPACCT Brooklyn is fueled by passionate people in our community who stand up for affordable housing, and economic, racial, and cultural diversity. If you are interested in creating flourishing communities, we welcome you to support the cause.

Your donations can have a tremendous impact in Brooklyn communities. Your contribution will make it possible to provide hope for so many who are feeling hopeless. Investment in the mission of IMPACCT Brooklyn will ensure that the residents of our communities will not fall victim to the overwhelming circumstances with which they must contend. If you’d like to make a donation, please click here.
With a donation of as little as $25 a month, or $500 or more, you can join our Membership Circle, with the associated benefits below. Your membership helps other residents to achieve self sufficiency, revitalize neighborhoods through community and tenant organizing, homeowner services and financial literacy, housing and economic development and community involvement. Help us improve quality of life for residents in New York City.
  • Exclusive invites to annual member-only event
  • Voting rights at Annual Meeting
  • Listing in Annual Report
  • Private member-only briefings with Leadership Team
  • Quarterly updates from the Executive Director
  • Two complimentary tickets to organizations Insider’s Breakfast

Become an IMPACCT Brooklyn Member today!
Click here to choose how much you’d like to donate to IMPACCT Brooklyn, and at what frequency you’d like to do so.

Be a community champion

IMPACCT Brooklyn welcomes residents to serves as a critical community champions of the organization as IMPACCT Advisers. They consist of thoughtful community leaders who meet three to four times per year to advise the Board of Directors and staff. Advisers share their gifts in service to the organization’s mission by providing their professional expertise; their diverse knowledge of constituent perspectives; their connections to local, national or international resources, colleagues or peers; their philanthropic support or other forms of needed assistance.

All members of the Community Advisory Council are expected to:

  • Act annually in some significant way to support the organization’s mission (e.g. expert advice, door opening, funding or fundraising).
  • Allow the organization to publicize their name and participation on the
  • Advisers, list name on letterhead and other communications.
  • Attend events such as the annual meeting and special gatherings.
  • Keep informed about plans, activities and needs of the organization.
  • Attend three meetings per year.
  • Serve for a term of two years.
The committee works with the organization leadership team to advise and implement the organization’s fundraising, major event and resource development activities.
This committee works with organization Program Leadership Team to assist in creating avenues to gauge program success, crafting recommendations to improve and expand programs and to help facilitate ideas or mechanisms to expand the organization’s awareness in the community.

For more information about becoming an IMPACCT Advisor, please contact Andrew Murrell, Communications Manager by phone at (718) 522-2613 x 022 or via email at

Creating space for the community

We encourage all building designers and developers to be thoughtful of the project’s respective neighborhood, and to work with the surrounding environment to ensure well-designed housing that reflects the locale’s history and diversity.

Our goal is to transform what was once contaminated areas into a vibrant community that accommodates low-income rentals, mixed-income rentals, supportive housing, mixed-income condos, and community space.

  • Does the groundwork of the project positively contribute to both residents and the neighborhood?
  • Are the components used to build the structure visually pleasing, functionally sound, durable, and environmentally friendly?
  • Does the form and size of the building provide a unique identity in the neighborhood, while also allow it to fit into the neighborhood?
  • Do the building’s visible “faces,” or sides, complement the existing community and its residents?
  • Does the arrangement of windows and doors maximize access to natural light and air, while also promoting a sense of security and visual connections to the outside world?
  • Can people move easily throughout the building’s public space and to the outside neighborhood’s infrastructure?
  • Is the ground floor as welcoming as possible?
  • Do the building’s landscaping and materials enhance a building’s presence on the street?
  • Are there outdoor and open spaces designed to accommodate a number of uses?
  • Are they sustainable?

Community Impact

When it comes to community, our focus is on establishing an outreach program that provides local residents with information about events, news and headlines. We provide housing lottery training workshops and work with developers to provide affordable units to community residents. We also connect on a personal level, offering one-on-one housing counseling sessions.
new tenant associations organized in 2022
tenant leaders trained 2022-23
homeowners referred to federally guaranteed rent programs in 2022
first time homebuyers educated 2021-22
major citywide initiative/ campaigns supported
million in pandemic funds raised to help Brooklyn recover in 2020-21
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Upcoming Events

No events scheduled at this time. Please contact us for information about future events.

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“IMPACCT’s program gave me a bit of foresight about what to expect and what to prepare. Without that, it would have been a bit more tenuous because I was going through the homebuying process for the first time.”
Duane Cornish