NYC Rent Freeze Programs

NYC Freeze your Rent program
NYC Freeze your Rent program

SCRIE and DRIE, two essential programs in New York City, offer rent-freezing benefits to specific groups. SCRIE supports eligible senior citizens by freezing their rent, shielding them from future increases, while DRIE aids tenants with disabilities, ensuring their rent remains affordable.

These programs provide crucial stability for tenants. Even if landlords raise rent, eligible individuals can continue paying the same amount. Landlords receive property tax credits to offset the difference between the original and increased rent.

To benefit from SCRIE or DRIE, you must meet certain criteria: be listed as a tenant on the lease, be 62 or older for SCRIE, receive Federal Disability Assistance for DRIE, reside in a rent-regulated unit (such as Rent Stabilized, Rent Controlled, Mitchell-Lama, or HDFC), and allocate at least one-third of your income towards rent.

If you meet these requirements, don’t hesitate to apply. SCRIE and DRIE can provide vital assistance, ensuring housing stability and financial relief for eligible individuals. Take action now to secure your housing and financial well-being.

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