Affordable Housing

Find a Rental
You Can Afford

Although housing costs in Brooklyn are soaring, affordable housing is still available. Some new developments are required to include affordable units. You may qualify for one of these units, depending on your income and the size of your family. We help you find affordable units you qualify for and help you apply.
Affordable Housing

Find a Rental You Can Afford

Although housing costs in Brooklyn are soaring, affordable housing is still available. Some new developments are required to include affordable units. You may qualify for one of these units, depending on your income and the size of your family. We help you find affordable units you qualify for and help you apply.

Learn About Affordable Housing

How Are Tenants Chosen for Affordable Housing?

Tenants for affordable housing units are often chosen by a lottery process. To enter your name in the lottery, you have to fill out an application form for each building that you want to apply for. Preference may be given to:

  • People who already live in the area
  • Employees of the City of New York
  • Veterans
  • Residents who are physically, visually or hearing disabled

How Do I Find Out About Housing Lotteries?

Housing lotteries are advertised in newspapers and are listed on the website and Facebook page for the Department of Housing Preservation and Development. If you join IMPACCT Brooklyn’s mailing list, we’ll let you know when new housing becomes available. See below for a list of websites listing affordable housing units.

How Do I Know If I Qualify for Affordable Housing?

Housing ads and website listings will include the minimum and maximum income limits for the available units. The ad for the housing will also tell you the size of the available units — studio, one bedroom, two bedroom — and the number of people who can live in each unit, based on the income limits set for each building. You will also need good credit, a steady income, a bank account, and a history of paying your bills on time.

How Do I Apply for Affordable Housing?

The ad for the lottery will tell you how to apply online and how to request that an application be mailed to you. If you apply by mail, be sure to mail the application to the right address. It will not be the same address as the building.

What Documents Will I Need to Apply?

  • Proof of income, such as pay stubs, a letter from your employer, public assistance documents or court orders
  • Tax returns for at least two years, if you are employed
  • Bank statements, statements from retirement accounts, etc.
  • School letters for all children enrolled in school

What Do I Need to Do Before I Apply?

  • Make sure your credit rating is good. You can get a free credit rating and credit report
  • Pay all your bills on time
  • Open a savings and checking account
  • Save enough money to cover the first month’s rent and security deposit

What to Watch Out for When Applying

  • The address you mail the application to WILL NOT be the address of the housing
  • Follow instructions exactly. Details matter, including the kind of envelope you use to mail the application
  • Include all required documents
  • Submit only one application per household
  • Keep watching the housing sites or sign up for housing mailing lists. If you aren’t chosen for one development, you can still apply for another

Workshops for Individual Affordable Developments

Once you’ve got the basics of how housing lotteries work, you’ll need to apply to each development as it becomes available. The following lotteries are now open. Come to our workshop to increase your chances of success!  
Contact Info
For information about our next workshop or if you need assistance with completing a housing lottery application or preparing for a housing lottery interview, please call 718- 522-2613 x124 or


Affordable Housing Seminar

Everything you need to know about applying for affordable housing in Brooklyn and what you need to do to improve your chances of having your application accepted. You’ll learn about:
  • Income range for affordable housing
  • How to find affordable housing in your neighborhood.
  • How to complete the apartment application and prepare for the interview.
  • Tips for success in the apartment lottery.
  • Financial counseling to improve your credit score so you know what housing choices are open to you.


To register or for information, contact  or email

Affordable Housing Resources

Government Agencies

NYC Housing Preservation & Development

  • This is the main government agency in New York City responsible for housing.

NYC Housing Development Corporation

  • Search, select, and apply for affordable housing, and see informative content about tenants’ rights.
Affordable Housing Lists

NYC Housing Connect

  • Apply to multiple new affordable housing lotteries with a single online application.

Affordable Apartment Rentals

  • See a list of HDC-financed developments that are currently accepting applications for available rental apartments.

City-Subsidized Rental Opportunities

  • Provides a complete list of rental opportunities currently accepting applications.

Directory of New York City Affordable Housing Programs

  • In addition to Directory of New York City Affordable Housing Programs, this website includes a general overview of the goals, fiscal and legal authority, and historical context of affordable housing programs in New York City.  

Mitchell-Lama Housing

  • Apply for New York City and State assisted affordable rental and cooperative housing for moderate- and middle-income families. You have to apply for each building separately, and many have wait lists, but you can sign up for their email alerts.
Affordable Housing Developers

Breaking Ground

  • Apply for affordable housing developments in Manhattan and the Bronx with on-site social services for working professionals and the formerly homeless, including those who live with HIV/AIDS, mental illness, or physical disabilities.

C+C Apartment Management

  • C+C builds, preserves, and manages affordable apartment buildings in Harlem and the Bronx. View properties through this website.

CMP Consultants

  • Marketer of affordable housing properties.

Fifth Avenue Committee

  • A Brooklyn community development organization that manages affordable housing in South Brooklyn (Red Hook, Sunset Park, Gowanus, Prospect Heights, Carroll Gardens, and Park Slope).

Habitat for Humanity New York

  • Habitat NYC builds affordable, high-quality homes with first-time homebuyers throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Habitat NYC has built co-ops, condos, and single-family homes for household sizes of 1-6. Types of housing and housing location are dependent upon our current projects.

Lemle & Wolff Companies

  • Private developers of affordable housing properties throughout the Bronx. Search and apply for rental listings on this website.

Neighborhood Housing Services of New York

  • This organization develops and markets affordable homes in New York City.
Supportive Housing (Provides Social Services)

CAMBA Housing Ventures

  • A nonprofit agency that builds affordable housing developments in Brooklyn paired with social services for low-income and formerly homeless individuals.

Project Renewal

  • Nonprofit organization with the mission of ending the cycle of homelessness and poverty for the most vulnerable homeless men and women. You cannot apply for housing through their website.
Affordable Properties

330 Riverdale

  • 330 Riverdale is an affordable rental complex in Yonkers. Accepting applications for its waitlist.

Wavecrest Apartment Rentals

  • Developer for low- and-mid-income rentals.

Linden Plaza Apartments

  • Linden Plaza is a network of 5 affordable apartment buildings and 32 townhouses spread across Brooklyn, many of them ideal for families with young children.

City Point Tower One

  • The City Point Tower One is a new residential development in downtown Brooklyn comprised of affordable, rent-controlled one- or two-bedroom apartments.
Senior Housing and Resources

NYC Department for the Aging

  • NYC Department for the Aging is a resource for the city’s senior citizens.

Wavecrest’s Quincy Senior Residence (PDF)

  • Senior housing at 625 Quincy Street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

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