Lead Free Homes

To ensure that lead contamination is eliminated from affordable housing in Brooklyn.

Lead Free Homes

To ensure that lead contamination is eliminated from affordable housing in Brooklyn.

Preventing Lead Poisoning

Exposure to lead may cause permanent learning disabilities as well as pain, heart and kidney disorders, anemia, seizures, and many other health issues. The risk is highest for children and for pregnant women but workers who maintain these buildings are also at risk. Many older homes still have layers of lead paint that flake off, only to be eaten by toddlers or float in the air as dust.
IMPACCT Brooklyn is pro-active in finding and remedying lead exposure. Our staff is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to test for lead dust and we have abatement programs to help landlords make their buildings safe for residents and maintenance staff.

How We Help

Removing Dangers in Tenants’ Homes

Older housing stock in Brooklyn can be dangerous! To encourage free in-home testing and safe practices in homes with lead paint, we offer free lead testing and speak at daycare centers, PTA meetings, tenant association meetings, and other groups to raise awareness of the danger and the solutions available.

  • Free in-home lead testing for Brooklyn residents.
  • Lead poisoning prevention education to create awareness of lead poisoning.

Helping Landlords Make Their Buildings Safer

Our help is not confined to residents. We also help landlords apply for grants to defray some of the cost of creating a lead-free environment for their low-income tenants. We also offer classes for maintenance personnel so they can minimize the risk of performing routine maintenance and repairs in lead-contaminated buildings.

  • Grants for lead abatement so landlords can afford to remedy contamination.
  • Classes to educate maintenance workers on safe work practices.
  • Referrals to certified lead abatement contractors for landlords.
  • Lead abatement certification classes for contractors to give landlords more options and minimize lead contamination during renovations.

Support our Work

Lead poisoning is a real danger to many of the lower-income families living and working in Brooklyn as well as to their landlords. Support IMPACCT Brooklyn’s work helping others recognize and remediate lead contamination. Support the cause by becoming a member or making a donation.