Homeowner Services

Sustaining and developing an economic, racial, and cultural diversity that enriches the lives of all.

Homeowner Services

Sustaining and developing an economic, racial, and cultural diversity that enriches the lives of all.

Helping Residents and Stabilizing Neighborhoods

IMPACCT Brooklyn plays a critical role in neighborhood stability. Homeowners facing foreclosure, deed theft, tax lien issues, or who need help to refinance their homes or apply for repair loans and grants, can work with qualified HUD counselors to keep their homes.
The home buying process can be challenging. We help people apply for a mortgage or get access to grants for down-payment and closing cost assistance, if they qualify. We help create successful and well informed first-time homeowners through financial education and counseling to help them reach their financial goals.

How We Help

Addressing Homeowner Problems

When homeowners are facing foreclosures, have mortgage issues with their loan servicers and/or lenders, or need assistance with other services related to their house or co-op/condo, they can turn to IMPACCT Brooklyn. For more than half a century, we have been passionate advocates and educators for homeowners, offering a range of services to address the many issues homeowners and their tenants face.

  • Homeowner Education and Loss Prevention Program (HELP) to tackle the increase in foreclosures, tax lien sales, and contractor fraud in our neighborhoods
  • Preventing foreclosures through targeted outreach, education and counseling as one of three local organizations in PACE Initiative.
  • Foreclosure prevention counseling.
  • Outreach and education for those targeted by predatory lenders.
  • Assistance with tax liens and other utility related issues.
  • Information about loan modification and construction grants and loans.

Assisting in Home Buying

Of equal importance, we recognize that to maintain our neighborhoods’ ethnic and economic diversity, residents must be given the opportunity to build assets, become financially secure, and actively pursue home and business ownership. Whether one-on-one, in group settings, or through online seminars, we’re here to help.

  • Workshops that guide attendees step-by-step towards home ownership.
  • Financial education workshops to prepare residents for home ownership and other financial decision making.
  • Counseling for debt management and savings plans.
  • Access to lenders offering below-market-rate loan products, direct grants and other programs.
  • Mortgage and down-payment grant packaging.
  • Links to affordable housing.

Promoting Affordable Housing Units

When affordable units are part of new construction in Brooklyn, it’s not easy for residents to get information about them or find out how to qualify and apply, so many miss out on the opportunity to remain in their neighborhoods. On the other hand, developers who have set aside a portion of their building for low-income tenants need to find eligible people from the neighborhood. IMPACCT Brooklyn brings developers and potential tenants together.

  • Workshops to educate tenants about the availability of affordable housing.
  • Assisting tenants in applying for affordable housing.
  • Marketing partnerships for developers to help them reach qualifying applicants.
“Pat Julien, Director of IMPACCT’s Homeowner Services Department, guided us through the process including verifying our eligibility for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Pat was amazing, kind, and eager to help. Being connected to an organization like IMPACCT — which provides homeowner and landlord counseling — made the process much easier and made it move faster.”
– Stacey & Dennis Mitchell

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In a healthy neighborhood, even fragile residents are safe and well cared for. IMPACCT Brooklyn helps people rebuild their lives. Support the cause by becoming a member or making a donation.