Economic Development

To support vibrant local commerce in which small businesses serve the market needs of community residents.

Economic Development

To support vibrant local commerce in which small businesses serve the market needs of community residents.

Creating a Vibrant Local Economy

Market pressures are forcing small businesses to close their doors without providing replacement services for residents. Yet, thriving businesses that serve local needs are essential elements of a strong community. These businesses create jobs and provide a diverse mix of services to meet the specific needs of residents.
Small businesses are the lifeblood of communities, especially if run by residents of the neighborhood who cater to local needs and keep money in the community. We provide comprehensive services to help those business owners get started, grow or expand their marketing reach.
IMPACCT Brooklyn is a catalyst for economic development, creating alliances with elected officials, local business groups, and individual businesses to revitalize neighborhoods.

How We Help

Helping Individual Business Owners

Navigating the sea of paperwork needed to launch a business often drowns small businesses. IMPACCT Brooklyn is a lifeline for both new and struggling businesses, helping them find a location, access professional services, and run their businesses more efficiently.

  • Workshops on developing a business plan, incorporation, and finance.
  • Loan application assistance, in partnership with financial institutions.
  • Assistance in developing a marketing plan.
  • Counseling on legal and accounting issues.
  • Assist with lease review and negotiations.

Revitalizing Commercial Corridors

Our economic development efforts have helped local businesses band together in order to improve commercial areas and obtained government funding to assist them. Our Roll Up the Gates program brings new businesses to vacant storefronts.

  • Bring financial institutions and small business services into the community to work with local business owners.
  • Build alliances among local Merchants Associations, elected officials and community organizations in Central Brooklyn.
  • Revitalize the Fulton Street commercial corridor by facilitating private/public partnership to bring $250,000 into the area for facades, storefronts, apartment units, and streetscape improvements.
“I really appreciate what IMPACCT has done for us because I don’t see us coming together without them. They helped tailor the situation to our needs and they are what I would call a very selfless organization. They’re like family.”
– Desmond Romeo

Support our Work

We believe that local businesses create the character of a neighborhood as well as adding jobs, and ensuring that critical services are accessible. Support the cause by becoming a member or making a donation.